YouTube Now Offering Live Streaming Video

As of Monday it is now possible to watch select partners of YouTube live just as you would your good old television. For example, you can watch the DLF IPL 2011 Indian Premier League Cricket matches. You can even watch a safari live today as it takes place at 3:30 PM Central African Time (9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time).

With over 2 billion views a day, it’s easy to think about YouTube as a place to watch videos recorded in the past. But you’ve told us you want more – and that includes events taking place right now. In response, we’ve live streamed a number of popular concerts, sporting events, and interviews, but primarily on a one-off basis.

I find this to be a pretty neat thing for YouTube to be tackling. Obviously there are places like and Ustream already doing it well. It’s a tough market to get in on because I think innately people turn to their TVs for live programs but increasing with laptops and tablets they will turn to the internet. This is a big step for them in the right direction. Check out Google’s official announcement for more information.

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