Videos Of Egyptian Revolution

Obviously you’re fully aware of what is taking place in Egypt right now. The revolution is still taking place and the mass outage of the internet by the “government” is still in affect. If you’re curious to see exactly what is occurring over there, here is a large compilation of AP video from this weekend.

1/28/10: Egyptian Military Protects President

1/28/10: Torching Vehicles After Curfew

1/28/10: Egyptian Police Hold Fire During Prayer

1/28/10: Protests Flood Streets

1/28/10: Egypt Protests With Jamal Elshayyal in Suez

1/28/10: Map of Protests in Cairo

1/28/10: Raw Video: Protests in Egypt Turn Violent

1/28/10: Police and Protesters Clash in Cairo

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  1. justaname says:

    thx for sharing the links, great footage!

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